Tuesday, July 10, 2018

When it’s Necessary for the Tooth to Be Surgically Extracted

You may want to have your teeth in your mouth for a lifetime but there can be circumstances in which the dentist would suggest removing one or more teeth from your mouth with the help of a surgical process. While the extraction of all of your other teeth is easy, the teeth requiring surgical process to be extracted can bring bigger complication into the extraction process. Dentists recommend surgical extraction of teeth only when there seems to be a dental health risk in leaving the problem untreated.

Why a tooth cannot be saved?
According to American Dental Association, there can be a number of issues such as trauma, disease or crowding that make it necessary for a tooth to be extracted. When it becomes impossible for a tooth to be saved with the help of crowning or filling, getting it extracted may be your best option. Sometimes, periodontal disease can make a tooth losing support from jawbone. Such teeth need to be removed. Moreover, the tooth abscess can get worse to a level at which a tooth may not respond to the root canal treatment. In this scenario, the dentists suggest tooth removal which can be through a surgical process.

Here, it needs to be kept in mind that dentists also suggest the removal of tooth or teeth before starting an orthodontic treatment. Moreover, there are many cases in which the wisdom teeth or last molars grow in an awkward position. Such molars are also needed to be removed.

Simple vs. surgical
One thing that needs to be kept in consideration here is that a surgical extraction is actually the most common surgical process in United States. So, it can be safety presumed that dentists in US have extensive experience in removing the teeth with the help of surgical processes. As far as the simple extraction is concerned, it is the process of removing a tooth with the help of forceps. Such teeth appear above the gum line. The more volatile teeth under the gum line may need to be removed through surgical process. The surgical process involves cutting of gum and the bone in order to make the teeth extraction easier.

Reasons for surgical extraction
Your dentist takes dental x-rays to determine the type of extraction your tooth/teeth may require. Sometimes, the simple extraction can turn into surgical process. For instance, if a tooth breaks during surgical extraction, the dentist may have to deploy surgical measures in order to remove the broken pieces.

Moreover, it’s the wisdom teeth which require surgical process for extraction in most of the cases. The major reason for any wisdom tooth to be removed is normally its awkward position.

If you figure out that your tooth or teeth may need to be extracted, you need to visit your dentist as soon as you can.

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